False Indigo

False Indigo

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False Indigo species

The plants that are comprised in the False Indigo category offer some of the most compelling attributes.  It is an easy perennial to grow and thrives in dry to medium, well-drained soil in full sun to part shade; flowers best in full sun. It also tolerates drought and poor soils. 

A few of the False Indigo main characteristics are:

  1. Long Lived - For a perennial to live longer than15 years is exceptional
  2. Deep Rooted - 10 to 12 foot deep roots are the norm, and thus they are at the top of the  list for xeriscape (drought tolerant) gardens
  3. Long Bloom Period - Tall spikes of 10 to 30 inch spikes (depending on variety) bloom for up to six weeks
  4. Care is Minimal - Pruning is not required unless one desires a mounded plant after blooming; choose your site carefully since they don’t like being disturbed
  5. Disease Resistant - False Indigo plants are not prey to a host of plant diseases
  6. Insect Resistant - These plants produce alkaloids that deter general garden insects
  7. Deer Resistant - Plants are rarely damaged by deer
  8. Attractive Foliage - It shows off its clover-like bluish-green foliage 
  9. Landscapes Usage - Borders, gardens, native plant gardens, specimen, background, and naturalized settings