False Indigo

False Indigo

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Beautiful, Native False Indigo 

The False Indigo plant is an easy perennial to grow and thrives in dry to medium, well-drained soil. It will grow in full sun to part shade, but the flowers do best in full sun. False indigo is a hardy, long-lived variety that tolerates poor soils and features a tough rootstock can be divided when the plant is dormant.

Excellent for drought-tolerant gardens, false indigo - also known as rattle weed, rattlebrush, indigo weed, and horsefly weed – normally roots 10 to 12 feet deep. This disease- and insect-resistant plant offers various landscape uses including as a garden border and a background.

False indigo plants bloom for up to six weeks, and are available in colors ranging from blue and white, to yellow, pink, and purple. With gray-green leaves and showy flowers, false indigo makes a gorgeous cut flower to display in a vase.

With its attractive foliage, the bushy perennial is a great addition as a backdrop to a garden with plants that bloom later in the summer.