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Find Dashing Daylilies At Nature Hills Nursery

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Daylilies (Hemerocallis) are tough perennials and are now available in an amazing assortment of colors and sizes to adorn your landscape with bright repeat blooms all summer into the fall!

The name Hemerocallis translates from the Greek language and means 'beauty for a day' and from there, we get Daylily since each flower only lasts for 1 day.

Hemerocallis differ from Lilies as they do not grow from true bulbs, but do have fleshy tuber-like storage roots that help them thrive in drought and cold.

The genus is comprised of about 20 species and as well as the species there are literally hundreds of named varieties. There are now hundreds of varieties of Daylilies exhibiting colors of orange, yellow, pink, purple, near white, and many other combinations! More Daylilies are being hybridized every year so the combinations of this plant will keep growing.

All parts of the Daylily plants are edible though the flowers are most often used. Flower buds may be cooked and are said to taste something like green beans. The flower petals can be used in salads and are quite tasty! If you don't eat them, your area pollinators are sure to arrive to sip nectar!

Daylilies bloom in the summertime. A typical scape or stem of flowers will bloom anywhere between 1 week and 1 ½ months, and even reblooming varieties.

Using Daylilies in the Landscape

Daylilies are useful in the perennial flower border, for massing, and groundcover on slopes because they will form a dense mat in just a few years.

Unlike some perennials, Daylily is extremely adaptable to most environments, which extends its uses tremendously! Even if you live in a highly-populated area that can sometimes struggle with air pollution, it'll thrive as a front border specimen, even right next to the street sprayed with salt! These are wonderful Xeric landscape plant and is on many fire-scaping lists.

Daylily also makes a lovely accent in your mixed Perennial Garden and in Cottage Gardens. Use Daylilies in the front of your garden border and along walkways as edging, in Rock Gardens, and in street-side hell strips. Daylily can be an excellent groundcover on slopes because it has dense roots that hold soil against soil erosion.

Daylilies shine as fillers and thrillers in containers! Plant in a terra cotta pot and place on your patio for a delightful decoration. If you could place it next to your window, then it would provide the added service of perfuming your living room or kitchen when the window is open! Cut a few of each and bring them inside to brighten up your living room or dining table.

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Caring For Daylilies

Daylilies are so versatile that they perform under almost all conditions except in heavy waterlogged soils. These perennials are happiest in soil that is rich and moist. They will flower more profusely in a sunny area but they will tolerate quite a bit of shade. pink daylilies

Adding a 3-4 inch layer of mulch near the base is a great way to help control the moisture of the soil. It also keeps your garden nice and neat by keeping the weeds to a minimum!

To have as much flower power as possible, it's always a good idea to Deadhead the spent flowers. Select and prune out the flower stems close to the ground on stems where all flowers are finished blooming.

Feel free to prune the foliage back to about two inches in autumn after it's done blooming. Daylilies are susceptible to rust and some other foliage diseases so remove the foliage before winter prevents the overwintering of disease on the old leaves. You could also do this in the very early spring. Divide every 3-5 years to keep your clumps stress-free and growing vigorously.

Order Daylilies Now!

The sheer diversity of Daylily options today will have your head spinning! For help narrowing down which is best for you and your landscape, call the experts at Nature Hills at (402) 934-8116!

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