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The trouble-free Coreopsis is a genus of flowering plants in the family Asteraceae.  It is sometimes called calliopsis or tickseed.  The Coreopsis name is derived from two Greek words meaning “bedbug” and “view”.  These words refer to the fruit containing the seed. (Achenes)  Coreopsis has a long blooming period with yellow or pink daisy-like flowers, is dependable, and easy to grow.  Thriving in full sun and tolerant of various soil types and conditions, it is a popular plant for beginner gardeners.

The mounded varieties of Coreopsis are good for edging, and the taller ones work well in the back of a border or along a fence.  (For a neat appearance, stake the tall varieties to keep them upright.)  Plant in the spring and space them about 2-3 feet apart, depending on the variety.  After planting, it is best to apply a thin layer of compost and a couple of inches of mulch.  Coreopsis plants need to be watered during the summer if rainfall is inadequate.  After the first frost, the stems should be cut an inch or two above the ground.  Since these plants thicken in clumps over time, the clumps should be divided every few years when new growth begins in the spring.  If you want other plants to complement the Coreopsis, try any small daylilies, Salvia, or Autumn Joy Sedum.  These will add a lovely contrast to your grouping.