Coral Bells


Coral Bells

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Coral Bells, Heuchera, often known as alumroot or rock geranium, is native to North America and is a genus of the herbaceous family of Saxifragaceae. The Heuchera plant is named after a German physician named Johann Heinrich von Heucher.  There are about 37 species of Coral Bells that grow in varied habitats.  Some species look quite different from one another and demand different environments, such as temperature, soil, and other natural factors.  You will see Coral Bells sporting clouds of light, airy flower spikes on tall stems.  These flowers appear in late spring or early summer.  However, the foliage is primarily the main focus of Coral Bells.  The striking foliage can be red, silver, purple, as well as green.

Coral Bells should be planted in spring or fall, and they prefer full sun to light shade in well-drained soil.  Removing dead foliage in early spring is important, along with adding a layer of mulch to retain moisture.  For a great combination of color, mix Coral Bells with hosta as well as ferns and astilbe; also mix with low ground covers such as lamium.  After the blooms fade, the flower stalks should be cut back; divide every 3-4 years.