Yellow or Orange Flowering Perennials


Yellow or Orange Flowering Perennials

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Yellow or orange flowering perennials add a stunning sizzle and ensures visual highlights to any garden or patio.  Looking for something to plant in those hot spots in your yard?  Plant yellow and orange flowers in hanging baskets, along an edge of a flowerbed or in mass plantings.  Use red along or in combination with orange, and to soften these colors combine them with a blue or purple flowering plant.  

For a striking display of color, plant taller orange flowering perennials in the back of an area and place yellow plants around the front.  Echinacea Hot Papaya (Coneflower), has double orange flowers and has one of the largest coneflower blooms.  Another orange flowering perennial is Butterfly Weed which would provide orange colors throughout the summer months.  There are many Black-eyed Susan plants that would create a great contrast in the front of this grouping.  For a superb combination, don’t forget to scatter some blue and purple flowering perennials too.

The excitement of gardening is experimenting with different colors and combinations.  You cannot go wrong when planting bright yellow or orange flowering perennials somewhere in the yard or patio.