Summer Blooming Perennials

Summer Blooming Perennials

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The constant bloom sequence in a summer blooming perennial garden is the surest sign that somebody did their homework. Before planting summer blooming perennials, you should study the location and the effect of color you want to achieve. A well-designed summer garden will save you time, energy, and money. Nature Hills offers a wide selection of colorful summer blooming plants that will assure you a variety of plant colors all season long.

Perennials have a period of blooming that peaks for a certain amount of time, and then the blooms begin to fade. Advanced research will give you the information about a perennial: when it blooms and for approximately how long; performance varies by climate and even soil conditions. For example, use peonies for early summer, black-eyed Susan for mid-summer, and astilbe for late summer blooms. Using your newfound knowledge, go out and create a stunning and ever blooming summer garden!