Summer Flowering Perennials for Sale


Summer Flowering Perennials for Sale

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Summer Blooming Perennials for Sale at Nature Hills Nursery

The constant bloom sequence in a summer-blooming perennial garden is the surest sign that somebody did their homework. You can be that somebody with the colorful collection of summer blooming perennials for sale at Nature Hills Nursery.

Before planting summer flowering perennials, you should study the location and the effect of color you want to achieve. Different perennials have a period of blooming that peaks for a certain amount of time, and then the blooms begin to fade.

You can find all the necessary information about a perennial right here at our online nursery. Check out the Plant Highlights section on each product page for perennial information that includes when it blooms, for approximately how long, its care, size and history. Performance varies by climate and even soil conditions. 

You can then select perennial flowers that bloom at different times. For example, Peonies give you early summer blooms, Black-Eyed Susan give you mid-summer flowers, and Astilbe provide for late-summer color.

A well-designed summer garden will save you time, energy, and money.

Nature Hills Nursery offers a wide selection of perennials that bloom all summer to assure you have a variety of plant colors all season long. Browse for ideal plants suited to your planting zone using our USDA zone filters, choose sun exposure levels, or narrow the options by color and other options.

Nature Hills makes it easy for you to go out and create stunning and ever-blooming flowers for your summer garden.


Are there any perennial flowers that bloom all summer?

Not all of us have room for a huge garden that can hold a variety of perennials that bloom all summer. Here are a couple suggestions for plants that pull double duty, blooming from spring to fall:

What is the longest blooming perennial?

Some perennials bloom on and off all summer. They’ll take a break in the hottest part of the summers, only to return in bursts until frost. Here are some options:

Why Buy Perennials at Nature Hills Nursery?

There are many reasons to shop at our online nursery. Here come a few of the top ones:

  • Family-owned and operated since 2001, Nature Hills Nursery prides itself on meeting the needs of customers with an ever-growing collection of online plants.
  • All of our perennials are delivered safely to your home at the proper planting time.
  • Your shipment arrives with instructions for planting, care and storage, so you can order knowing you’ll have exactly what you need.
  • All our plants are backed by our Product Guarantee.
  • Each sale is protected by Plant Sentry™, a system that helps to ensure regulated plant materials aren’t shopped to prohibited areas.

Browse the collection of summer blooming perennials for sale at Nature Hills Nursery and place your order today.