Small Perennials


Small Perennials

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Small perennials provide colorful foliage and bright blooms.  These plants deserve a front row spot where they beautifully accentuate beds, borders, or containers.  Low-growing perennials will soften the harsh edges of a flower bed and add a visual interest wherever they are planted.  There are many plants that will provide interesting foliage color, unique textures, and offer blooms all summer long; also have minimal disease and pest problems.  What is considered “small”?  The plants should not be over 24 inches when viewed from a distance, and if in close view, anything smaller than18 inches will do.

Small perennials are relatively compact and carefree.  They are ideal for those confined areas and great for containers too.  Plant in well drained rich soil with partial sun to full sun, depending on the type of plant.  A fast growing, tough little ground cover called ‘Black Scallop’ ajuga (ajuga reptans) will adapt to a variety of conditions, is easy to care for, and has dramatic foliage color.  You can’t go wrong with the ‘Sentimental Blue’ Balloon Flower, (Platycodon grandiflorum) as it forms a lovely mound of green foliage.  The large blue flowers on this dwarf selection have whimsical flower buds that open into star-shaped blue blossoms.  This old favorite is sure to please!