Pink or Red Flowering Perennials

Pink or Red Flowering Perennials

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Pink or red flowering perennials will add passion and beauty to your garden!  Some of the most popular that produce pink or red blooms are astilbes, day lilies, dianthus, and clematis.  Choose a location in the garden than needs a spot of color and jazz it up with some pink or red perennials, or combine both for a stunning contrast.  Use in borders, as accent plants, flower beds or containers.

Perennials need amended, well-drained soil that is watered regularly.  Adding mulch will contain the moisture that is needed.  For a perennial border, plant Astilbe ‘Montgomery’ (Astilbe japonica), which has wonderful deep red to scarlet-red flowers.  Combine with Astilbe 'Peach Blossom' that displays brilliant pink blooms.  This pink and red combination will create quite an exquisite site.  We offer a large range of pink and red perennials to choose for your various needs.