Partial Sun Perennials


Partial Sun Perennials

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Partial Sun Perennials

We all have that part of the garden that may have a few trees or large shrub, or a tall building that blocks the full sun for some of the day or a morning shade-only area? Because those kind-of shaded, mostly sunny areas are where many partial sun plants thrive especially when you live in the hotter climates!

Some of the best-known sun-loving Perennials can also handle their fair share of shade. Purple Coneflowers in shade, rows of part sun Daylily, perhaps a Tuscan Sun Sunflower in the dappled light. 

Head over to our Garden Blog to learn about the different types of shade and what are some of the best types of sunlight for plants! Or browse our other options below:

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How many hours of sun does partial sun mean?

For perennial flowers, partial sun means more than 4 hours of direct sunlight a day. Morning sun and direct sun the remainder of the day, or a bit of shade as the sun dips behind a large tree or house.

What is partial sun or partial shade, is there a difference?

Part sun, part shade perennials - the terms are often used interchangeably. However, typically part or partial sun refers to more sun than shade, while part or partial shade refers to more shade than sun.

What is a good perennial for partial sun?

Partial sun flowers are often full sun perennial flowers that won’t mind some shade. And perennials that bloom all summer typically do appreciate some shade in the heat of the hottest climates hot summer sun.