Partial Shade Perennials for Sale


Partial Shade Perennials for Sale

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  1. Star Jasmine Zones: 8-10
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  2. Empress Wu Hosta Zones: 3-9
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  3. Baltic Ivy Zones: 5-9
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Part-Shade Perennials for Sale at Nature Hills Nursery

What can you do with that part of the yard or garden that may have a few trees, a partially shaded garden bed, or a tall building that blocks the full sun for a good part of the day? That in-the-middle area that’s not quite in the sun but not quite in the shade may seem tricky, but those dappled landscaping areas are where part-shade perennials thrive.


You’ll find a vibrant selection of partial shade perennials for sale right here at Nature Hills Nursery, all ready to perk up places where few other plants can go.

Some of the best-known sun-loving perennials can also handle their fair share of shade. Purple coneflowers are some of the most popular perennials that can live in part shade, and they can be joined by daylilies and even Tuscan Sun sunflowers in the dappled light.

You can also approach the solution from the other angle by looking at typically shade-loving perennials that can take a bit of sun. Partial shade plants here can include Hosta and Astilbe, two shady garden mainstays that have even more versatility than one would think.

Head over to our Garden Blog to learn about the different types of shade and the best types of sunlight for different plants. Get even more details with additional options that include:

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Our part-shade perennials are delivered safely to your home, just in time for your climate’s planting season. Our plants come complete with instructions on planting, care, and storage, so you can order knowing you’ll have exactly what you need.


What is partial sun?

Partial sun means about three to six hours of direct sunlight a day. 

A plant receiving sunlight only in the morning, but having full sun for the rest of the day does not quite qualify as partial shade.

What is partial shade? Is there a difference from partial sun?

Partial sun, part sun and partial shade or part shade are all used interchangeably. However, typically part or partial sun refers to more sun than shade, while part or partial shade refers to more shade than sun.

What is a good perennial for partial shade?

Plants and perennials that prefer partial shade are often plants that also love moist soil or have delicate leaves. Part shade perennials include:

Check out the selection of partial shade plants we’ve collected for you on this page, and place your order today.