Large Perennials


Large Perennials

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Large perennials are elegant and upright plants that can be used as a living privacy screen, or they can help you create a beautiful garden backdrop. There are many to choose from, so you can select the best ones for your landscaping design, whether you want to fill a larger space, or you just prefer the visual aesthetics of these colossal plants. Large perennials can enliven the scene with their architectural style and diversity, so break the monotony by adding plants with various heights, foliages, textures, and flower colors. Once the large perennials are established, their care is rather simple. Most large perennial plants thrive in soil that is well drained and amended with organic matter, but some even survive in poor garden soil. Most prefer full sun, but others need some shade, especially in hot-summer climates. To improve the looks of the garden be sure to deadhead regularly when flowers begin to fade. The top of each stem can be pinched off during the regular season if a bushier and denser plant is desired. (Chrysanthemums and asters tend to get floppy if they are not pinched back.) Stake plants with tall, single spikes, such as delphiniums and lilies, to give them needed support.

Don’t forget grasses and Hostas in your plans because they can add wonderful textures and colors to the landscape. Bee Balm 'Gardenview Scarlet' (Monarda) Daylily Going Bananas (Hemerocallis), and Shasta Daisy (leucanthemum superbum) can be planted in a group which will provide a magnificent show all season long!