Fall Blooming Perennials


Fall Blooming Perennials

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Once summer flowers begin to fade, gardeners can count on fall-blooming perennials to add renewed color to their garden. When designing a garden with perennials flowers, it is important to have something in bloom continuously. This is accomplished by choosing plants that only flower in spring, summer, or fall and are suitable for your climate. There are many plants that will not only add late-season color, but they will provide fresh and stunning bouquets as well. These exquisite and showy flowers will help your yard or garden gradually enter into winter.

Fall plants have had a good amount of time to grow since they are planted early in the season. They should be well established and ready to show off their autumn colors. These fall flowers tend to bloom in jewel tones such as rusts, golds, deep purples, or scarlets. Asters, coneflowers, sedums, grasses, and chrysanthemums are a few examples of fall-blooming perennials. These plants are great for borders, mass plantings, containers, patios, or anywhere you want color.