Extended Bloom Perennials

Extended Bloom Perennials

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Extended-bloom perennials certainly make a gardeners life simpler, but one cannot plant them once and forget about them!  Long blooming perennials return year after year, but they require regular maintenance to perform their best and ensure maximum bloom time.  A few of the regular chores needed to help the plants remain healthy and tidy are: pruning, staking, dividing, and controlling pests.  Most flowering perennials benefit from some deadheading.  If blooms are starting to turn brown or fade, that is the time to start trimming.  This is a good form of plant housekeeping.  Become knowledgeable about each plant and their specific needs, such as, when to fertilize and how to amend soil.

If you want to create a stunning display, choose plants that will have continuous bloom.  Examples of some varieties that are tough performers, and bloom for 4 weeks or more, are Echinacea, Coreopsis, Black-eyed Susan, Daisies, and Salvia.  Plant them in large blocks of color to add an impact to your yard or garden.  Use careful selection and planning so you can achieve colorful flowering all summer.  Choose plants that are suitable for your site, and allow them to become well established.