Deer Resistant Perennials


Deer Resistant Perennials

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Deer-resistant perennials are those plants and flowers that deer generally don't eat. A deer-resistant perennials may be defined as a perennial plant or flower that deer may overlook in favor of a more preferred plant. We must emphasize that deer generally overlook these deer-resistant perennials, but if deer are under severe pressure and stress for food, even these plants may be eaten.

Heavy deer population, long cold snowy winters, or an absence of other preferred plants can quickly turn the less favored plants into a quick dinner.

To help deer resist these perennials, you may want to use other means to deter deer such as noisemakers, deer repellents, and fencing. Fencing seems to be the only sure method; however, selecting a perennial plant that is not preferred by deer is your first step.

We encourage you to try to access a local list of deer-resistant perennials to identify which of our suggested perennials show resistance in your region.

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