Blue or Purple Flowering Perennials

Blue or Purple Flowering Perennials

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There are approximately 100+ Nature Hills perennials to choose from in this category.  Because of the vast amount of choices, there is a high likelihood that you will choose the correct  purple flowering perennial for your landscape.  There is a wide variety to select from, so this increases your chances of creating a lovely and colorful landscape.  Finding that perfect plant for a site will bring gratifying results. 

These stunning blue or purple flowering perennials are very popular for several reasons. When mixed with white flowering perennials and annuals, the blue and purple colors provide a stark and lovely contrast. These flowering perennials have extended blooming periods, so when one perennial blooming period is exhausted, one can have another ready to take its place.  Placing several contrasting bloom colors in a certain area will definitely create outstanding focal points of interest.  Try a white Daisy and Purple Rooster Bee Balm in a grouping; you will be amazed at the beauty of this combination every time you see it!  For more in depth information click on the perennial pictures or call Nature Hills at 888.864.7663.