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Buy Blue and Purple Perennial Flowers

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  1. Lucerne Grass Zones: 4-8
    As low as $59.99

  2. Little Lanterns Columbine Zones: 3-8
    As low as $39.99

  3. Avignon Early Blue Lavender Zones: 6-8
    As low as $59.99

  4. Blue Spear Lavender Zones: 6-8
    As low as $109.99

  5. Blue Marvel Salvia Zones: 4-9
    As low as $49.99

  6. Variegated Flax Lily Zones: 8-10
    As low as $69.99

  7. Dianthus Bumbleberry Pie Zones: 5-9
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  8. Fireworks Hosta Zones: 3-9
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  9. Mighty Mouse Hosta Zones: 3-9
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  10. English Thyme Plant Zones: 5-9
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  11. Golden Creeping Thyme Zones: 5-10
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  12. Verbascum Plum Smokey Zones: 5-9
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  13. Verbascum Sugar Plum Zones: 5-9
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  14. Dark Eyes Verbascum Zones: 5-9
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  15. Royalty Verbascum Zones: 5-9
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  16. Neptune Catmint Zones: 4-10
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  17. Earlybird Columbine Mix Zones: 3-9
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  18. Bluesylva Forget-me-not Zones: 3-9
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  19. Purple Eye Lily Zones: 3-8
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  20. Purple Ladies Lily Zones: 3-8
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24 Items

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Blue and Purple Perennial Flowers for Sale at Nature Hills Nursery

Majestic or regal, dark and brooding, or cool and soothing — blue and purple perennial flowers can conjure a wide range of images and feelings. They can be ethereal, dreamy, or mysterious. They can also be found right here at Nature Hills Nursery.

While blue and purple flowers are considered among the rarest flower color in nature, we’re lucky that plant breeders have created some spectacular options to grace your landscape.

To find the purple and blue flowers that work best for you, first find your USDA planting zone. Simply enter your zip code in the field above the Plant Highlights section on our product pages. Purple and white perennial flowers

You can then filter our blue and purple perennial collection by planting zones, sun exposure levels, and size at maturity.

Here’s a list of great plants in these stunning hues for you to peruse:

For more information on purple and blue flowers, check out our #ProPlantTips for plant care and our Garden Blog. Every order also comes with our Nature Hills Nursery product guarantee and protection by Plant Sentry™, software that helps ensure regulated plant materials are not shipped to prohibited areas.

Look through our helpful blog on creating your own Moon Garden for more great ideas on using these two resplendent colors.

Blue Purple Flowers FAQ

Blue flowersWhat perennial has blue flowers?

  • For a range of true blue perennials, check out these unique lovelies:
    • Blue Plumbago Plant
    • Azure Snow Salvia
    • Phenomenal French Lavender
  • For some fantastic perennials with blue foliage:
    • Little Bluestem Grass
    • Krossa Regal Hosta
    • Elijah Blue Fescue Grass

What perennial plant has purple flowers?

  • Dreamy shades of purple plants seem to go with every other color. You’ll find purple flowers and foliage on these eye-catching options: Purple flower blossoms
    • Denim 'n Lace Russian Sage
    • Grosso Lavender
    • Jackman Superba Clematis
    • Pugster Blue® Butterfly Bush
  • Some purple perennial flowers can be dark as night:
    • May Night Salvia
    • Caesars Brother Iris
    • Royal Purple Lilyturf
  • Perennials with purple foliage include:
    • Black Scallop Ajuga
    • Plum Pudding Coral Bells
    • Purple Flame Iris

Why are blue flowers so rare?

Plants with cooler shades are rare in nature, whether you call their color azure, periwinkle, lavender, cerulean, indigo, blue or purple. The rarity is due to the way color is produced and how our eye perceives it. 

Blue is created when an object, or a flower in this case, produces molecules that only absorb very small amounts of energy. Blue purple flowers need to absorb all of the red spectrum and reflect only the blue light into the color receptors in our eyes.

When should I buy perennials?

Perennials are best planted in the early spring, allowing them to become established six to eight weeks before the summer heat kicks in. You can also plant perennials in the autumn, six to eight weeks before your ground freezes.

Browse the blue and purple perennials for sale at Nature Hills Nursery and place your order today.

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