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Nijisseiki Asian Pear

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Grow the best known Asian pear

The Nijisseiki Pear (Pyrus pyrifolia "Nijisseiki") also known as the 20th Century Pear is, by far, the most popular and ornamental Asian pear tree. With a mature height of about 30 feet the Nijisseiki it is a stately tree that will truly delight for three seasons when planted in full sun.

The fruit has a lovely, smooth greenish yellow skin. The flesh is white with a clean, crisp, very juicy, sweet flavor.

Stunning Bright Flowers
The Nijisseikis show starts in early spring.  You will be amazed to find the branches covered in stunning clusters of bright, snowy, white flowers. Following the dramatic spring show your Nijisseiki will be full of showy fruit and glossy, deep green leaves.

Gorgeous Red-Orange Fall Color
In autumn you will not be disappointed with yet another show as the leaves turn a gorgeous fiery red-orange.

Sweet Juicy Pears
The Nijisseiki is a vigorous and productive tree whose fruit is ready to harvest in late summer.  Enjoy the juicy, sweet fruit right off the tree.

The Njisseiki provides a great, refreshing, healthy snack for your family at the height of summer.  It also is known for its long shelf life so it can also be stored for months in the refrigerator. The Nijisseiki is also a great pear for canning so you can enjoy these delicious pears all year.

These pear trees are extremely popular, and usually sell out very quickly.  Get yours now before they are all gone!

* Self fruiting
* Low maintenance
* Long shelf life
* Great source of Vitamin C

Hardiness Zones:  Zones 5 to 9


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Brand Nature Hills Nursery
Botanical Name Pyrus 'Nijisseiki'