Alabama Native Plants


Alabama Native Plants

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  1. Adam's Needle Yucca Zones: 4-10
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  2. Butterfly Weed Plant Zones: 3-9
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  3. Soft Rush Grass Zones: 4-9
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  4. Fox Sedge Grass Zones: 3-8
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  5. White Turtlehead Zones: 3-8
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  6. Blue Mist Flower Zones: 6-11
    As low as $39.20
  7. Shrubby St. Johnswort Zones: 3-8
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  8. Longflower Alumroot Zones: 5-8
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  9. Showy Black-Eyed Susan Zones: 3-7
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  10. Indian Grass Zones: 4-9
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  11. Aromatic Aster Zones: 3-8
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Want to go native? Find the best selection of biological species for the State of Alabama here at Nature Hills Nursery! In the capitol at Montgomery, and everywhere in between Huntsville to Mobile, there are over 3,000 plants native to Alabama!

Choosing indigenous trees for your State means you will know your tree will happily grow for you with few issues! Tolerating local growing zones, and climate, weather, and anything else your State can throw at them! Plus you’ll feed pollinators, songbirds, and wildlife by providing them with a tree they recognize!

Best Alabama Native Trees

sourwood tree

Native trees are better able to cope with the local environmental conditions of an area and typically require less attention than non-natives and hybrids! They establish faster and thrive!

Alabama has a wide variety of topographical features, including lowland prairie, riparian, to just a tiny slice of seaside in the Gulf of Mexico! So you will enjoy a wide variety of native trees in this State!

The Longleaf Pine Tree is the Alabama State Tree the rarest tree is the Alabama Sandstone Oak tree (Quercus boyntonii), also known as the Dwarf Oak, which occurs only in this State!

Some of the other notable Alabama Native Trees include:

  • Bald Cypress Trees
  • Southern Live Oak
  • Swamp Chestnut Oak
  • Southern Magnolia

What Tree Grows Best in Alabama?

Alabama has a wide range of USDA planting zones ranging from 7a to 9a. Find your Hardiness Zone and then choose any tree that has a range that includes yours! Check with your local County Extension Office for more information if needed.

While many of these trees are native to much of the US, these are some of the most signature trees you will find growing in Alabama! 

best evergreens alabama

Best Evergreen Trees For Alabama

In addition to the broad-leafed evergreen Magnolias, check out these other Alabama Native Trees that keep their leaves year-round!

  • American Holly Bush/Tree
  • Eastern Red Cedar
  • Yaupon Holly

The Best Flowering Trees to Grow in Alabama

Feed pollinators and hummingbirds nectar and pollen they evolved alongside in your State!

  • Black Gum Trees (aka: Black Tupelo Tree)
  • Eastern Redbud Trees
  • Flowering Dogwood Trees
  • Sourwood Trees

What Are Good Shade Trees in Alabama?

Alabama can get some roasty-toasty summer temperatures so you need a shade tree to help beat cooling costs and give your backyard seating some lush relief from the sun!

  • Red Maple Trees
  • Red Buckeye Tree
  • Sassafrass Trees
  • Sweetgum Trees

Native Fruit & Nut Trees for Alabama

We love edible landscaping trees that look great and feed you too!

  • American Beech
  • Hardy Pecan Tree
  • Pawpaw Trees

Much Needed Natives!

Whether you are adding shade or flowers, privacy or a lasting legacy to your landscape, Nature Hills is here to help you find the perfect tree for your Alabama garden!

Help keep your State's native biodiversity intact by planting trees native to your area! Nature Hills is committed to helping you preserve your State’s unique beauty with plants and trees that are sure to do well in your garden without impacting your native flora and fauna!

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