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Joey Tomocik Water Lily Overview Joey Tomocik Water Lily Close Up
Joey Tomocik Water Lily Overview

Joey Tomocik Water Lily

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Vibrant Yellow Water Lily

The vibrant yellow of this water lily makes others look pale by comparison because it has the deepest yellow blooms of all the yellow lilies!  

It is no wonder that experts voted this “Hardy Waterlily of 2005.” It was dedicated by Dr. Kirk Strawn in 1993 to Joe Tomocik of the Denver Botanical Gardens, who named it for his daughter.

Its flowers are held several inches above emerald green leaves. The yellow flowers are 4-5 inches wide, the leaves are 8-10 inches wide, and the overall plant spread is 4-5 feet wide. This extremely adaptable plant grows best in full to partial sun, will survive winter climates, and is equally at home in a tub or a large pond!

We recommend growing ‘Joey Tomocik’ in a 7.5 quart or larger container. ‘Joey Tomocik’ blooms as early as May, ends in October, and makes a beautiful addition to any pond or water garden!  

* Brilliant Yellow Flowers All Season
* Cold Hardy
* Full to Part Sun


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Brand Nature Hills Nursery
Botanical Name Nymphaea 'Joey Tomocik'