Bird Cameras

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Bird Cameras

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The Bird Camera is an easy way to allow you to get close-up photos of skittish birds (and those birds that rudely eat and fly off while you aren’t watching). Just point the camera at your bird feeder, bird bath or bird house, and then marvel at the up-close images of backyard wildlife that you never saw before. These new digital cameras make bird photography easy and fun. The more pixels or spots registered in your image the better quality of image.

A BirdCam is a weatherproof, motion-activated wildlife camera and digital video camera designed specifically for use with wild birds. While the BirdCam is a flexible tool with advanced features, it is designed it to be very easy to use; retrieving and using photos and videos from the BirdCam will be a snap for anyone who can use a digital camera. BirdCams automatically take photos of every bird that visits your feeder or bird bath. The high-resolution 8-megapixel digital photos capture candid moments of the birds that visit your backyard in stunning, full-color detail. Some BirdCams have a built-in flash that makes it possible for it to make photos of birds in low light and nighttime conditions. Adjustable focus keeps images sharp at any distance,18-inches or farther, and a laser-aiming device helps insure aim is accurate.