Bird Baths

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Bird Baths

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A bird bath is an artificial ""puddle"" or small shallow pond, created with a water- filled basin. It is used to attract many different species of birds and provides a safe place in which they can bathe and 'cool off', or get a drink. Bird baths provide a reliable source of water for birds, especially during the summer and drought period. A bird bath can also be used to accentuate your garden or back yard and be a central feature of an overall plan for a garden setting. It can be a garden ornament, small reflecting pool, outdoor sculpture, or be part of creating a vital wildlife garden. Two important features to consider when choosing or creating a bird bath are: that a bird bath needs a place for the bird to perch, and it should be shallow enough to avoid the risk of birds drowning. Two inches of water in the center is sufficient for most backyard birds since they do not submerge their bodies.

The traditional birdbath is made of molded concrete or glazed terra cotta formed in two pieces, the bowl and the pedestal. Bird baths can be pre-made basins on pedestals and columns or hang from eaves and trees, or be carved out depressions in rocks and boulders. Other types of materials that you can select from include glass, metals (copper), plastics, mosaic tiles, marble, or other materials that are weather proof and hold water. Maintenance is important and may be as simple as a daily quick wash and refill, but it will depend on the birdbath materials.