Wild Bird Supplies

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Wild Bird Supplies

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Bird supplies are crucial if you want to successfully attract birds to your yard. If birds pass through your yard, but never seem to stay, it may be because your yard doesn’t provide a varied, long-term food and water supply, or your yard does not contain the accessories that birds need to survive. This is a simple task and can be done by providing birds with three basic requirements for survival: food, cover, and water.

Entice birds by creating a bird garden. This can include bird feeders, bird houses, bird baths, bird foods, poles, hangers and accessories. Make sure that you keep your birdfeeders full all year round. Some birds will visit throughout the year, and if your feeder is always full, the birds will keep coming back for more. Birds like water, so try placing your birdfeeder near a pond, birdbath or a dripper. Water will act as a natural attractant, particularly the sound of running or trickling water. Shelter can be a shrub or thicket, offering a dense camouflage from predators, or a nest box or bird house. The bird house you offer for shelter should be designed for the birds you feed. Planting flowers attract birds also, and one of the better flowers to plant for attracting birds is the daisy. It is easy to grow, and full of seeds during winter time.