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Hedge Trimming


I was introduced to hedge trimming when I purchased a piece of property that was surrounded on three sides by a beautiful healthy privet hedgesI knew this would be a yearly duty, trimming that is, but the plants were too beautiful and well groomed to let anything happen to them.

All of my other options like replacing them with a fence, letting them become unruly and un-groomed just did not fit my personality.

I tackled the trimming job in sections and limited my time spent trimming to 20 minute increments. I found that I could get about 10 feet of hedge finished in about that time.

My plan made the job go quite smoothly and did not seem burdensome at all. Interesting how one can rationalize a mind to thinking a long job is not difficult at all, isn’t it?

Now my hedge stays beautiful and well-groomed and I feel good about how clever I am. :)

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