GroWall Vegetative Retaining Wall Kits

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Create a Living Wall with GroWall by Envirolok's Vegetative Retaining Wall

  • Beautiful, green alternative for Retaining Walls.
  • Easy to construct. No need for footings, foundations, or draining systems.
  • Easy to maintain. No cutting, sanding, or expensive weatherproof finishes needed.
  • Give your retaining wall the look you want by incorporating grasses, flowers, groundcover, sedum mats, or sod.
  • Vertical or setback each bag for up to a 1:1 slope.
  • Not only can you easily create straight walls, but you can also create terraces and curves effortlessly.
  • Unlike wood and stone walls, GroWall becomes stronger with age.
  • Perfect for decorative or structural walls such as window wells, grade transitions for walk-out basements, culvert embankments, and more!

Sketch of GroWallGroWall by Envirolok is a vegetative alternative to traditional hardscape walls and shorelines. GroWall is simple to install, easy to permit, and designed for DIY installations, small-scale landscape design, and home projects. The non-woven geotextile bags permanently encapsulate the soil for maximum stability.  The one-of-a-kind connection system provides strength, making the entire system strong and long-lasting. The GroWall system supports plant growth by allowing roots to grow through the bags and lock into the soil beneath, providing strong reinforcement and creating beautiful, fully vegetated projects that will stand the test of time.

GroWall makes building retaining walls simple for any homeowner. GroWall provides a permanent vegetative solution for decorative or structural retaining walls. The system is perfect for window wells, grade transitions at walk-out basements, culvert embankments, and more!

GroWall BagUnlike stone, concrete, and wood, there is no need for footings, foundations, or extensive drainage systems. Create terraces, curves, and straight lines without the need for cutting or purchasing special tools. The specialized connection system provides strength for walls up to 3 feet tall.

Need a taller wall? GroWall offers reinforced kits with our patented stabilizer strips allowing single walls up to 4 feet tall or terraced walls up to 6 feet tall. Walls can be constructed at a 1:1 slope to nearly vertical.

After construction is finished, make your outdoor living space the talk of the neighborhood by adding your own personal touch with any variety of grasses, flowers, groundcovers, sedum mats, or even sod on the vertical faces of the wall!

Looking to soften the look of a hardscape wall? Choose one of our smaller bag kits and bring your already existing wall to life with our vegetated solution.

Each GroWall Bag Kit contains:

GroWall Kit Contents

  • GroWall Bags
  • Closure Ties
  • 2 Connection Pins (per bag)

What you need to get started

  • Bag Fill (80% Sand/ 20% Topsoil)
  • Tape Measure, Shovel, Hand Tamper, Hard Rake, Safety Glasses, Contractors Bucket (Optional)
  • Plants (2.5” Pot or smaller) / Sod

How do I determine how many bags I’ll need?

We recommend determining the height and length of your project first. A filled bag will be approximately 2 feet long, and 4 inches tall. From there, calculate the number of bags that you need and order the corresponding kit size.


Height (Feet) / .33(Feet) = # of Bags High

Length (Feet) / 2 (Feet) = # of Bags Long

# of Bags High x # of Bags Long = # of Bags You Will Need


Example: You are looking to build a retaining wall that is 20 feet long and 2.5 feet high using GroWall.

Height: 2.5ft / 0.33ft = 8 Bags High (Rounded Up)

Length: 20ft / 2ft = 10 Bags Long

 8 x 10 = 80 GroWall Bags Needed



  • Do NOT cut the bags to insert plant material.
  • If your wall will end up being taller than 3 feet be sure to include the stabilizer strips between rows/courses.

Choose the Best Kit Option for You: 

  • 50 Bag Kit: 25 to 30 exposed face feet wall – Ex.10 ft long by 2.5 ft high wall (Requires 1.5 cy of bag-fill, 50-100 Plant Plugs)
  • 80 Bag Kit: 40 to 50 exposed face feet wall – Ex.15 ft long by 3 ft high wall

(Requires 2 cy of bag-fill, 100-150 Plant Plugs)

  • 100 Bag Kit: 55 to 75 exposed face feet wall – Ex. Two-tiered wall with each tier 10 ft long by 2.5 ft high. (Requires 3 cy of bag-fill, 150-300 Plant Plugs)

Before and After GroWall

Installation Summary

Installation Summary Step by Step Process

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