Deer Resistant Groundcovers


Deer Resistant Groundcovers

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Great Deer-Resistant Groundcovers That You'll Love

Plants that humans find aromatic often have the opposite effect on deer. Deer find their smell offensive and leave them alone, making these groundcovers effective for deer control. Plus, an added bonus is that many of these ground covers will work well in shaded areas and do not require a lot of sun to prosper.

Ground cover plants come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and growth habits. Having a good selection of these plants that are also tolerant to deer and shade can be a big help in areas that are difficult to develop vegetation.

Groundcovers save on water, do not require mowing and can add color to your landscape. The ground covers listed here are usually not favored by deer. Click the photos to learn more, or call us at (402) 934-8116 to speak with one of our plant experts.

  • Reduce mowing with easy-care plants
  • Deer-resistant
  • Many beautiful options to choose from

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