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When you look at the ground around your yard, what do you see? If you’re one of the more creative gardeners, you’re likely to see an eye-catching ground cover. You’ll find a striking selection of ground cover plants for sale at Nature Hills Nursery, ranging from the bright and colorful to the more subtle and serene.

Ground covers consist of low-growing, spreading plants that are dependable, hardworking and require little maintenance. These drought-tolerant plants are also functional, serving as a living carpet across the ground to help stop weeds and erosion. Ground covers thrive in dry conditions, so they complement troubled areas in a landscape, border or a hillside. They are the bee’s knees for areas where grass won’t grow. Better still, flowering ground covers provide color and attractive foliage, adding interest to a garden.

Some ground covers have a fast, aggressive spread, like the Sedum Lime Zinger or Fire Spinner Ice Plant. Many ground covers can be used to drape over patio containers or window boxes. Clumping, slow-spreading plants — like the Black Scallop Ajuga — are lovely when grown in large groups. Black Scallop is a hardy ajuga low-growing plant with a striking purple color that almost looks black. 

Some ground covers can tough it out in difficult areas, often competing with trees or shady slopes. Lirope can tolerate sun or shade, is tolerant to heat, humidity, and drought, and withstands foot traffic. When choosing ground covers for your property, consider the area’s growing conditions.

You also want to select a ground cover suited for your USDA hardiness zone. Check out our hardiness zone map for additional details, or review our list of plants by state. When you see a ground cover that fits the bill, order it any time of the year. We’ll only ship when the time is right for planting in your area. Thanks to our partnership with Plant Sentry™, we’ll also only ship plants that are not restricted in your area.

Additional perks make shopping at Nature Hills Nursery a breeze. Check out our planting guide for plant care tips. Use our onsite chat feature to ask any questions. Order with confidence, backed by our product guarantee and dozens of happy customers we’ve created over the years.

Ground cover selections are endless, so choose plants based on the garden problems you want to solve, or the look you wish to achieve. Do not overlook the woody vines that provide ground cover for water erosion areas with steep slopes.

Browse the selection of ground covers for sale at Nature Hills Nursery and place your order today.