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The ground cover category at Nature Hills includes low-growing, spreading plants that are dependable, hardworking, and require little maintenance. These drought tolerant plants are very functional since they carpet the ground to stop weeds and erosion. Ground covers thrive in dry conditions, so they complement troubled areas in a landscape, border, or a hillside. Flowering ground covers provide color and attractive foliage, adding interest to a garden.

Some ground covers have a fast, aggressive spread like the Sedum Lime Zinger or Fire Spinner Ice Plant. Many ground covers can be used to drape over patio containers or window boxes. Clumping, slow-spreading plants – like the Black Scallop Ajuga – are lovely when grown in large groups. Black Scallop is a very hardy ajuga low-growing plant with a striking purple color that almost looks black. 

Some ground covers can tough it out in difficult areas, often competing with trees or shady slopes. Lirope can tolerate sun or shade, is heat, humidity, and drought tolerant, and withstands foot traffic. When choosing ground covers for your property, consider the area’s growing conditions. Ground cover selections are endless, so choose plants based on the garden problems you want to solve, or the look you wish to achieve. Do not overlook the woody vines that provide ground cover for water erosion areas with steep slopes.