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Green Gem Boxwood Bush Is Winter Hardy


This Green Gem Boxwood Bush is an evergreen hybrid that is winter hardy.

Its rounded globe shape makes it very attractive and popular as well as the fact that it keeps its green color into the winter.  It is a low grower at 1 to 2 feet tall and 1 to 2 feet wide making this a very popular bush for small areas.

It can also make a formal hedge and it doesn't require heavy pruning.  The foliage is very attractive with its oval, dark green and glossy leaves. There are small yellow/green flowers that will appear but they are not showy.

The Green Gem prefers well drained soil that is loamy, sandy or clay and that is acidic to slightly alkaline.  It can handle most drought conditions with no trouble.  While it is winter hardy, you will want to have it sheltered from strong winds in the winter.

It can be grown from zone 4 to zone 9 making it cold hardy.  Full sun to partial shade is needed for it to grow appropriately.

This evergreen has shallow roots so you will want to be careful if cultivating near the bush.  For a great hedge or adding additional interest into your garden, this Boxwood has great attributes making it so popular.

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