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Switch Grass

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With sturdy stems and vase-shaped fountains with bold foliage, Switch Grass (Panicum) comes in a variety of colors and even more colorful spiky seed heads! These Ornamental Grasses also called Switchgrass, are tall-growing, perennial Tall Grass Prairie plants that are native to much of the United States. Coarse, wider-bladed blue-green leaves emerge later as they are a warm-season grass.

A clump-forming Grass with open lacy sprays of small seeds, Switchgrass provides texture and color, even in the fall and into the winter. Because it's found widely throughout the States, other names for Switchgrass include tall Panic Grass, Wobsqua grass, Blackbent, Tall Prairiegrass, Wild Redtop, Thatchgrass, and Virginia Switchgrass!

Incredibly cold-hardy down to USDA growing zones 3 and 4, but heat and humidity tolerant through zones 9.

Using Switch Grass in The Landscape!

The seed heads are airy and seedy on panicle-shaped heads and may have some reddish color. Sometimes called Red Switch Grass because of the red color on some. Many of the new selections exhibit red foliage color if not as the blades emerge, but as summer continues. Sturdy clumps turn brown for winter and hold up to snow well.

These Ornamental Grasses are used primarily for soil conservation, erosion control, game cover, or as garden specimens and focal points! The upright growth offers a cover and protection for wildlife! This exceptional grass can be used to make a bold statement. Plant long rows for a garden feature that is at once modern and formal.

Use as an accent plant, in groups, or masses. It’s highly adaptable to xeric Rock Garden sites, and moister locations like Rain Gardens, beside ponds. Switch Grass is beautiful in average soil moisture conditions in the Garden bed or borders! Try a single plant as a specimen in containers where it looks incredible as vertical focal points and thrillers!

Combine Switchgrass with other Grasses to add interesting texture to your landscape, create a Prairie setting, by pairing it with Blues Little Bluestem Grass (Schizachyrium scoparium) or Prairie Dropseed (Sporobolus).

Some Great Switch Grass At Nature Hills -

  1. Heavy Metal Switch Grass - Metallic purple and green blades and airy seed plumes
  2. Northwind - Strong sensory element that’s tall and delicate - great all round Grass!
  3. Shenandoah - Pinkish seedheads and blue-green foliage turn burgundy in the fall!

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Are Switch Grasses Aggressive?

Switch Grass can be aggressive to survive the competition of the Tall Grass Prairie. Spreading to some extent by self-seeding and on occasion gets into trouble in some areas. Nature Hills uses Plant Sentry™ to ensure that you are not able to purchase any plants that are prohibited by your state because it's an invasive species or to prevent insects or diseases from being introduced to any area where it is restricted.

Switch Grass Care

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This Grass does best in full sun, although it does tolerate part shade better than most. It needs at least four hours of sunlight a day for the best foliage color and fall color. They tolerate all kinds of soil and can even tolerate some short-term wet and drought tolerance too.

These warm-season perennials are very adaptable warm-season plants that green up later in the spring but really shine once the hot, dry summer weather kicks in. It breaks dormancy in April, but its main growth periods are June, July, and August.

Give this clumping perennial a 3-4 inch layer of mulch around the root zone to help keep the roots cool in the hotter summer locations and especially hold in moisture when planted in drier soil conditions.

In the early spring, Switch Grass should be pruned back before they begin to grow. Tie up the bunches and begin trimming with sharp shears or electric shrub shears if you have many plants to trim. Rake out the clump to remove dead debris and leaves.

Every 3-5 years, it is recommended to divide your clumps in very early spring before they begin to grow. This helps keep the crowns free of dead debris, prevent overcrowding, and maintain their vigor.

Sensational Switch Grass At Nature Hills!

Strong and sturdy, the easy-to-grow Switch Grass makes you look like a pro! Wildlife and songbirds adore these perennials as much as you will!

Order your quality Panicum Perennial Grasses today from Nature Hills!

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