Sedge Grass


Sedge Grass

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Sedge grass, of the genus Carex, is sometimes mistaken for ornamental grass, but is a sedge grass and more grass-like. It is a handsome, low growing, clumping grass that will add a splash of yellow or green to your garden. Sedge has colorful arching foliage and is evergreen in warm climates and semi-evergreen in colder areas.

Sedge is very adaptable and will grow well even in wet or shady conditions. This grass prefers shade along with moist soils, making it a great companion plant among the Hostas. When planted in mass, sedge can be beneficial for erosion control. This grass will provide seed and cover for birds and other wildlife. Plant around ponds, streams or any moist area. Sedge is becoming quite popular in landscapes as lawn replacement or ground cover options.