Grasses Off The Beaten Path


Grasses Off The Beaten Path

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If you’re a gardener that digs head-turning plants, then you’re going to love the lineup of unique grasses for sale at Nature Hills Nursery. Each ornamental grass in this collection brings something a little different to landscape, whether it’s tall and mighty purple stalks or a feathery flurry of fluffy white flowers.

One-of-a-Kind Grass for Yards

Ornamental grasses deliver year-long interest to the yard, even in the colder climes, delivering amazing aesthetics throughout the fall and winter weather. They’re also popular in hotter climates, thanks to the ability of certain varieties to stand up to the blazing summer sun.

Browse through the collection of unique ornamental grasses for sale to find your favorites. Or make it easier by filtering your search by specific features listed down the side of the page. You can narrow your search by USDA hardiness zone, flower color, bloom period and growth rate.

You can also filter by fall color, sun exposure and height and spread. Some of these unique grasses reach 8 feet high and wide, while others stay more compact but no less stunning.

Landscaping with Unique Ornamental Grasses

Contrast your grasses with other plants suited for your region using our USDA hardiness zone map or list of plants and trees by state. You can place your order at any time, as we’ll only ship your order when the time is right for planting in your area. You’ll receive a notification when your plants are heading your way, sent via ground shipping with tracking right to your doorstep.

Thanks to our partnership with Plant Sentry, we follow all local and state regulations when it comes to shipping plant materials throughout the U.S. We also make it easy to create the most beautiful yard in the neighborhood. Check out our planting guide for tips, use our onsite chat option to ask questions, and order with confidence with our product guarantee.

Check out the selection of unique grasses for sale at Nature Hills Nursery and place your order today.