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  1. Purple Fountain Grass Zones: (Annual in all zones, Perennial in zones 9-11)
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  2. Cayenne™ Sterile Fountain Grass Zones: 5-9
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Fountain Grass is long-lived and easy to grow. As beautiful as its name implies, Fountain Grass (Pennisetum) is soft Ornamental Grass that grows into arching, rounded, uniform clumps with bottlebrush to foxtail, bristly-like seed heads! There are many new introductions that vary in size, leaf colors and seed head colors!

Native to North Africa and the Middle East and is a widely cultivated ornamental that is extremely adaptable, forming attractive, robust fountains! There are both cold-hardy varieties that are perennial throughout USDA 5-9, and others that need frost-free climates throughout USDA growing zones 7 and 8 through 11.

With a rounded, breezy, natural appeal, it will catch your eye for a long beat and visually bring texture, form, and color to your landscape year-round. This Ornamental Grass is extravagantly playful and pretty! These majestic plumes appear in mid to late summer sending up their flowers in tan, pink or purple. They also look fantastic in floral arrangements!

Highlights of Fountain Grass at Nature Hills:

Purple Fountain Grass

Dramatic purple-red fountains and tannish purple bottlebrush blooms that are head-turning annual accents that can be perennial throughout USDA growing zones 9 to 11. This purple-leaved variety is used as an annual in all areas.

Little Bunny Fountain Grass

A sweet and petite with fluffy bunny tail-like plumes that rise above a rounded spikey clump of green foliage! 

Graceful Grasses® Fireworks Pennisetum

Highly-rated Fountain Grass with fiery red fall color, Fireworks is a type of Purple Fountain Grass that is more than just purple - breaking color barriers with a deep maroon-purple center vein flanked by hot pink margins. Great annual accents!

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Using Fountain Grasses in Your Garden!

Any of these low-maintenance Ornamental Grasses are outstanding when planted in mass plantings or as an accent plant. These versatile selections look great in the garden border, as an effective background for perennial beds, massed together in perfect military precision, or used in long, natural drifts.

They’ll lend their color to your seasonal gardens as annual or as perennial accents. Use in mass plantings for a stunning display of color or as a specimen plant, in borders, or as an accent plant.

Try a single plant as a specimen in containers or as spillers around the base of larger potted plants. Or use this sophisticated, compact Grass around seating areas in or on front porches in the sun, around the poolside, or on a sunny deck.

These Grasses can also be drought tolerant once established and very popular in low water, water-wise, and xeriscape gardens.

Does Fountain Grass Spread?

Fountain Grasses can spread by seeds and may do too well in some areas. Nature Hills uses Plant Sentry™ to ensure that you are not able to purchase any plants that are prohibited by your state because it's an invasive species or to prevent insects or diseases from being introduced to any area where it is restricted.

Where is the Best Place to Plant Fountain Grass?


These fast-growing Grasses provide year around interest and only need your attention a couple of times per year. Give it full sun, but if planted in partial shade, little or no flowering will occur, but the beautiful foliage color will be consistent. This Grass thrives in heat, drought, humidity, and intense sun! It's also easy to grow and deer resistant, too!

Provide your Fountain Grass with full sun and water it deeply while it becomes established. These warm-season perennials are very adaptable Ornamental Grasses! Warm-season grasses green up later in the spring, but really shine once the hot, dry summer weather kicks in.

Give this large clumping perennial a 3 to 4-inch layer of mulch around the plants to help keep the roots cool in the hotter summer locations. 

Do You Cut Back Fountain Grass in the Fall?

Enjoy Ornamental Grass plumes in the fall and winter for their interest, standing tall through the snow, then Prune down to 4-6 inches in early spring before you see new growth, and rake out the clump to remove dead debris and leaves. Tie up the bunches and begin trimming with sharp shears or electric shrub shears if you have many plants to trim. Fountain Grasses need extra protection from freezing temperatures in the colder zones.

Every 3-5 years, it is recommended to divide your clumps in very early spring before they begin to grow. This helps keep the crowns free of dead debris, prevent overcrowding, and maintain their vigor.

Fountain Grasses Galore!

You will enjoy this Grass from early spring until the dead of winter - it will make an elegant statement wherever planted! Dramatic plumes and graceful showers, Fountain Grasses bring class and color to your landscape and planters! Order yours today at Nature Hills!

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