Perennial Grasses for Sale and Other Grass Options


Perennial Grasses for Sale and Other Grass Options

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  1. Dwarf Mondo Grass Zones: 6-11
    As low as $49.99
  2. Feather Falls™ Sedge Zones: 5-9
    As low as $39.59
  3. Corkscrew Rush Spiralis Zones: 5-11
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Grasses for Sale at Nature Hills Nursery

From lawn grasses to ornamental grasses, there’s a wide variety awaiting your landscape with grass plants in every shape, size and color at Nature Hills Nursery. You’ll find fountain grasses, short ornamental grass and grass plugs for lawn grass for sale right here on our website.

Tolerating a wide range of climates, fountain grass is incredibly versatile. Hot climates can enjoy drifts of fluffy Pink Muhly Grass, tall Pampas Grass and the well-known Purple Fountain Grass. Cold zones can get their grass fix with Northern Sea Oats and Bluestem Grasses. There’s even Sedge grass for wet soil.

Check on your planting zone by entering your zip code in the field above the Plant Highlights section on the product pages to find which grass is best for you.

A family-owned business since 2001, Nature Hills Nursery has become America’s largest online nursery. Our online plants are backed by our product guarantee and are protected by Plant Sentry™ so you won’t have to worry about invasive plant issues.

Look through our helpful Garden Blog for information on Landscaping with Ornamental Grasses, or get started by browsing other resources:

While you can place your order at any time of the year, all grasses and grass plugs we sell are delivered to your home at the right time for planting in your climate. They’re also shipped with instructions on planting and care.


Which type of grass is best for lawns?

Perennial grasses for lawns come in a wide variety these days. Here’s some of the best for your area:

  • Cold climate grass zones 2 and up include: Legacy Buffalo Grass and Blue Grama Grass 
  • Hottest climate grasses for zones 11 and lower include: UC Verde Buffalo Grass
  • Mid-range zones 5 and 6 grasses include: Prestige Buffalo Grass and Zenith® Zoysia Grass 

Are there any evergreen Ornamental Grasses?

Unfortunately, no grass is truly evergreen, although many ornamental grasses retain their flower and seed heads all winter. This gives you four-season interest, even in winter, along with flowing tanned fronds.

Tall Fescue Lawn Grass is one of the few partially evergreen grasses zones 8 and lower can tolerate. However, it can take a break in extremely cold winters and periods of heat and drought.

Do Ornamental Grasses need to be cut back every year?

Ornamental grasses do die back and protect the crown from the chill with their own foliage. To create a clean look for spring and prevent the crown from being choked out by debris, cut ornamental grasses back to a few inches above the ground in early spring. 

Wrap the fronds with a bungee cord or twine before cutting to make cleanup a breeze.

Whether you’re looking for fountain grass, dwarf fountain grass, short ornamental grass or lawn grass for sale, you’ll find it at Nature Hills Nursery. Place your order today.