Silver Sedge Grass

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Ornamental Grass with Silver-Edged Foliage

Silver Sedge is an ornamental grass with exquisite silver-edged foliage.  Plant a few of these along a water garden, or in a shady spot in your rock garden.  They also look lovely as filler plants or groundcover.

Silver Sedge’s most obvious outstanding feature is its variegated foliage.  Dark green with a silvery-white border on each edge, each grass-like leaf creates an eye-catching effect amid the plain greens of other summer foliage. 

Your Silver Sedge is a beautiful perennial grass.  It presents an elegant form as it arches up from the crown to cascade gracefully back down.  The clumping habit and dense growth makes for a compact plant, and the foliage lends it a rich, vibrant appeal. 

Silver Sedge is dense right down to the ground, so you won’t have to weed too close to it.  This plant is urban tolerant too and quite hardy.  Silver Sedge prefers a bit of shade, so keep that in mind when choosing a location for it, but don’t worry about deer as they won’t bother it. 

Silver Sedge is a low maintenance plant that’s strong and hardy.  It will brighten up your yard without a lot of work from you, and serve its function well for years to come.

*Ornamental foliage


Silver Sedge Grass Is Suited to Grow in Zones 5-9
Growing Zones 5-9
More Information
Brand Nature Hills Nursery
Botanical Name Carex oshimensis EVER COLOR 'Everest'
Foliage Variegated
Mature Height 8 to 12 Inches
Mature Spread 8 to 12 Inches
Soil Type Adaptable
Moisture Moderate
Sun Exposure Full Shade, Partial Sun
Growth Rate Fast