Leather Leaf Sedge Grass

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Natural flair for your garden!

There is something wild and carefree about sedges. They are shaggy, but in the best way. They are strappy, but not in a common, grass-like way. They are showy, but not in a ‘steal-the-show’ kind of way.

It’s more of a ‘steal-your-heart’ kind of way.

Leatherleaf Sedge (Carex buchananii) is the cream of the sedge crop. It is an easy grower, up to two feet tall with stiff brown-leaning-to-orange blades. The unique thing about Leatherleaf is that the blades have a distinctive curve at the end, sort of like a shepherd’s staff. As the season wears on the blades turn into a lovely burnished bronze-red that fades to a flaxen color at the tips. Even though it makes a gorgeous statement from across the garden (especially when it is backlit by the sun – it gives off a warm glow) it needs to be appreciated from up close to see the beautiful color variations.

This is a prodigious self-seeder, so plant it where it can spread. It makes a great addition to meadow gardens and rustic or country landscapes. Sedges love wet feet, so picture it by a stream or pool. It looks great at the base of a water-feature, too, where the over-splash keeps it happy.

This is a very low-maintenance plant that will reward you with color, motion and texture in your garden year-round.

One looks great, but planted in threes and fives looks even better! Order yours now.

* Bronze-red foliage
* Fits small gardens
* Great by pools and ponds
* Containers
* Self-sows
* Naturalistic gardens


Growing Zones 6-11
More Information
Brand Nature Hills Nursery
Botanical Name Carex buchananii
Foliage Copper
Mature Height 12 - 18 inches
Mature Spread 18 - 24 inches
Soil Type Widely Adaptable
Sun Exposure Partial Sun