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Try Rhubarb, A Big Leaved Perennial Favorite

Rhubarb plants are often considered fruits, but they’re actually perennial vegetables. The rhubarb is an easy-to-care-for plant, and the only attention it generally needs is some watering during the warmer summer months. It prefers a sunny location with well-drained soil.

Rhubarb tends to grow best in climates where the ground freezes during wintertime. In order to produce a crop of stems, rhubarb plants need a lengthy chilling period.

The only edible part of rhubarb plants is the stalks, which look similar to celery. When eaten raw, the reddish or green vegetable has a tangy flavor. Rhubarb can be used in pies, breads, salads, wine, and sauces.

Featuring large leaves and blocky stems, rhubarb plants make a lovely ornamental addition to any garden.