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Olive Trees

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Superb Olive Fruit Trees: Easy-Care in-Home Gardens & Containers

Since ancient times, olive trees have been a staple in the Mediterranean landscape and diet. Capture the essence of sun-drenched coastlines and connect to a sense of antiquity with olive trees from Nature Hills Nursery.

History & Symbolism of Olive Trees

Hands holding olivesThere is fossil evidence that wild olive trees appeared in the area around the Mediterranean Sea millions of years ago. As far back as the Bronze Age, humans have relied on olives for food. That long historic relationship gave rise to much symbolic meaning linked to the tree and its versatile fruit — which appears green then ripens to a blackish purple and is eaten raw or processed into oil for cooking. An olive branch is a universal symbol of peace. Greeks and Romans crowned victors of war or competition with crowns of olive garlands, and olive oil is an important element in many religious ceremonies. Spanish explorers introduced olive trees to the New World in the 1500s and to California in the 1700s. Today, these fruit trees are cultivated throughout the tropical regions of the world.

Olive Tree Varieties

Nature Hills offers several varieties of olive trees, most of which are compatible with USDA growing zones 8 to 11. Arbequina olive trees are fast growing with prolific harvests, and Arbosana olive trees deliver large clusters of petite fruit with intense flavor. Slow growers, like Frantoio olive trees, can develop gnarled, twisted trunks that add visual interest to your landscape.

Where to Plant Olive Trees Branch with foliage and olives

Olive trees do well in sunny areas and will be happy in soil with good drainage. They’re easy to grow and are resistant to most insects and disease issues. Many olive tree varieties are tolerant of drought and cold, and they can grow up to 30 feet tall and just as wide.

Olive Trees in Containers

For colder climates, plant a Mission or Leccino olive tree in a container. Bringing fruit trees indoors for the winter protects the plant and lengthens your enjoyment of your olive tree. Try these olive tree varieties in containers with lots of drainage.

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