Mandarin Trees


Mandarin Trees

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Fragrant Mandarin Trees Produce Flavorful Fruits

Mandarin trees produce small and sweet citrus fruits similar to oranges, which can be eaten fresh or added to fruit salads. Mandarin cultivars include clementine, dandy, and encore, and can grow to varying heights.

Relatively easy to grow, mandarin trees prefer full sun and soil with excellent drainage and are popular in tropical and subtropical areas. They are tender trees that can be damaged by cold weather. The fruit produced by the tree is generally easy-to-peel and has few to no seeds.

Mandarin trees have dense foliage, making them a good option for privacy hedges. When mature, the brightly colored fruits of these trees offer gorgeous contrast against the green leaves. Mandarin trees are fragrant, and the fruit can be eaten off the tree or used in juice.