Lime Trees


Lime Trees

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Lime trees are generally small, shrub-like trees that are like lemon trees but more spreading and irregular in growth. The lime tree is thought to be a native of SE Asia. It seems to have been introduced to the United States from the West Indies and Mexico. Lime fruit is smaller than lemon fruit, contains more acid, and has a thinner rind. Like other citrus fruits, it contains excellent vitamin value and is one of the main sources for citric acid.

Lime trees require full sun and they will perform best if they receive southern sun. They require excellent drainage as they will not tolerate standing water. Lime trees require consistent moisture. Lime trees will drop their leaves if left dry too long. They are heavy feeders of fertilizer so fertilizer applications every few months are recommended. Lime trees prefer temperatures over 50 degrees. All lime trees grown in northern locations need to be containerized and brought inside for successful lime production.