Where to Buy Fig Trees for Sale


Where to Buy Fig Trees for Sale

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Fig Trees for Sale at Nature Hills Nursery

Fig TreeFor its ornamental beauty and delicious fruit, the fig tree has been a sought-after landscaping feature for years. You’ll find a fine selection of high-quality fig trees for sale at Nature Hills Nursery.

The beloved fig tree is a small to medium-sized, deciduous fruit tree. Botanically identified as Ficus carica, the fig tree is also known as the common fig or edible fig.

Fig trees are grown throughout the world for their tasty fruit and alluring good looks. It’s a fruit tree that doubles as an ornamental tree, with fragrant, lovely leaves that can reach nearly 10 inches long. Fig leaves are deeply lobed with three or five lobes, which stand in contrast against the tree’s smooth white bark.

Common fig trees can grow in the wild in a number of different areas. You’ll find them in sunny, dry areas and rocky areas. They’re also known to grow in nutritionally poor soil. This makes them an ideal pick for a wide variety of locations.

With the common fig tree, you can expect two crops of figs to be produced each year. The first crop, known as the breba crop, develops in the spring on last year's shoot growth. The second crop is the main crop, and it develops on the current year's shoot growth, ripening late summer or fall. Close up of Figs

There are many types of figs, and three types are edible. They are Persistent (common) figs, caducous (Smyrna) figs, and intermediate (San Pedro) figs.

To learn more about how to grow figs in containers, watch the video below.

To grace your yard with one of these delightful fruit trees, check out the fig trees for sale at Nature Hills Nursery and place your order today.





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