Blackberry Bushes


Blackberry Bushes

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  1. Chester Thornless Blackberry Bush Zones: 5-8
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  2. Arapaho Thornless Blackberry Plants Zones: 5-9
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  3. Natchez Blackberry Bush Zones: 5-10
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  4. Darrow Blackberry Bush Zones: 5-8
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  5. Bristol Black Raspberry Bush Zones: 4-8
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  6. Apache Blackberry Plant Zones: 5-9
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Tasty Prolific Blackberry Bushes at Nature Hills!

Sweet and juicy Blackberry Bushes (Rubus) are incredible double-duty edible landscaping shrubs that are oh-so-easy to grow!

Blackberries are ornamental and fit nicely into any landscape! Spring brings gleaming white blossoms (which resemble their Rose-family relations) that pollinators adore and lush green spring and summer foliage. These attractive plants also display attractive fall colors to help with displaying the sweet and juicy, shiny fruit that forms into tightly-bunched round bubble-like fruits that form thimble-like aggregate fruits!

Some Blackberry plants are thorny, but Nature Hills offers thornless varieties too, like Chester, Arapaho, and Triple Crown! Other types have thorns but make incredible barrier plantings, hedgerows, and wildlife-friendly thickets!

Blackberries are self-fertile so they do not need another pollinator to produce fruit, however, you will achieve a far larger harvest with multiple plants planted close to each other. Since Blackberries are loved by all, you'll be happy you planted a few extras for birds and other wildlife, and still ensure to have some for yourself!

The delicious black to deep blue and purple fruits contain a long list of desirable nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and dietary fibers!

Types of Blackberry Bushes


A cane that comes from the roots in the spring is considered a first-year cane, Primocanes are the first or primary canes that appear in spring and fruits in autumn, also called fall-bearing. Sometimes only producing vegetative (non-fruiting) growth, sometimes these canes also produce fruit in the fall, on the branch tips.


After winter, when new growth has begun, last year's canes that overwintered, are now called Floricanes. These bloom on last year's growth and are harvested in summer, hence their other name - summer-bearing.


Everbearing cane shrubs have both Floricane and Primocanes on the same plant, allowing you to enjoy your first crop of berries in the summer (on last year's Floricane) and then a second crop later that fall (on the Primocane branch tips)!

Caring For Blackberry Bushes

Blackberries are easy to grow, and they love rich, well-drained soils, especially soils that are organic and sandy type. To achieve good production levels be sure the soil has an acidic pH. They thrive and produce best in full sun.

Learn everything about caring and pruning your Blackberry bushes in our #ProPlantTips for care! You'll enjoy years of juicy healthful berries from your own homegrown Bramble with a bit of training, trellising, or allowing them to ramble or sprawl throughout your sun garden!

Grow your own tasty jewels today with the help of Nature Hills!