Aprium Trees


Aprium Trees

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Sweet and Unusual Hybrid Treats - Aprium Trees at Nature Hills!

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Aprium® trees produce fruit that is extremely sweet and has a strong Apricot overtone with a hint of Plum. The fruit of the Aprium® is different than Pluots® because they are 75% Apricot and 25% Plum.

Giving them the sweetness without the Plum tartness, and maintaining an Apricot texture.

In appearance, an Aprium® resembles an Apricot in many ways, except without the fuzzy coat.

The Aprium is a deciduous tree with fragrant spring flowers the pollinators adore, lush green leaves for shade, and a generous crop of stone fruit in the summer. These fuzzy-free semi-cling or clingstone fruits are very sweet and Aprium® can greatly enhance pies, salads, and preserves! 

If the Aprium® Apricot/Plum fruits are harvested when they are slightly underripe, they can be kept in a paper bag until they mature and then they can be kept in the refrigerator or frozen until used. Typically early-season crops, Aprium® arrive just in time for all your summer get-togethers and backyard barbecues!

Caring For Aprium Trees

Aprium® trees do best when planted in full sun settings, in enriched well-drained soil in areas out of strong winds. Fruit trees need regular moisture throughout the growing season. A 3-4 inch deep layer of mulch over the roots helps insulate and hold in moisture consistently.

Check out our Garden Blog for Apricot/Aprium® pruning and care!

Self-pollinating/self-fertile but larger crops of fruit will be achieved by pollinating with any other Apricot tree. Apriums® are low chill (the temperatures below 45 degrees necessary to fully break the dormancy of deciduous fruit trees) so they're great for hot climates.

Order your own unique hybrid fruit trees today from Nature Hills (402) 934-8116 and start enjoying your own Aprium® tree today!

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