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Apricot Trees

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Apricot trees have a long history of cultivation. Apricots seem to have originated in China and then propagatedMany Apricots on Branch throughout central Asia thanks to their nutritious fruit and stately profile. From there, the Romans spread them into Europe.

Its scientific name, Prunus armeniaca, derives from the Armenian language because apricot trees were cultivated in Armenia since ancient times. It was thought the fruit originated in that land until genetic studies confirmed its birthplace in Asia.

Perhaps dwarfed by the more popular peach trees, apricot trees are underrated. But these trees offer gorgeous spring and summer flowers, lush emerald leaves and deliciously healthy fruit. Add one to your property today!

Tasty, Healthy Apricots

Apricot fruit is very tasty, and they are now widely grown and consumed in the United States. Apricot tree flowers are white or pink, and the trees produce a stone-fruit with soft flesh that ripens to an orange-yellow color. Apricots contain good amounts of vitamin A and kalium and are also an excellent source of minerals like calcium, phosphorus, iron and traces of sodium, sulfur, manganese, cobalt and bromine. Apricots do not store well, so they are typically eaten fresh, dried or frozen. Apricots are a staple of the jam industry.

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Caring for Apricot Trees Close up of apricots growing

Apricot trees need well-drained soil for optimum health and production. The soil should be moderately fertile. It is best to thin the fruit early in the season to maximize size and quality. Thin the fruits enough so each individual fruit has about three to five inches of room. Apricot trees are quite handsome trees in the summer, displaying the furrowed bark and heart shaped glossy leaves any aficionado has come to recognize. Pruning fruit trees with care and diligence can ensure better crops and an overall healthier tree. A number of apricot-plum hybrids, such as plum-cot, Pluot and Aprium, have been developed and are gaining popularity. These apricots trees are all orchard quality trees. 

The Nature Hills Guarantee

At Nature Hills Nursery, we’re committed to helping you select, plant and care for the best plants, trees and shrubs for your property. Shop our apricot trees with the peace of mind that Plant Sentry™ brings in making sure we are compliant with all federal, state and local regulations, including invasive species and quarantine requirements.

We want you to be delighted with every apricot tree, rose bush and perennial plant you purchase form us. That’s why we guarantee every plant through its first year.

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