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  1. Gala Apple Tree Zones: 4-10
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  3. Honeycrisp Apple Tree Zones: 4-9
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  4. Fuji Apple Tree Zones: 6-9
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  5. McIntosh Apple Tree Zones: 4-10
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  6. Golden Delicious Apple Tree Zones: 5-10
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Apple Trees for Sale at Nature Hills Nursery

Start your own orchard. You’ll find a tasty array of apple trees for sale at Nature Hills Nursery. Apple fruit trees (Malus domestica) are easy to grow and incredibly rewarding. Fresh fruit is simply better and tastier than Apples sold in supermarkets. Plus, Apple tree flowers are beautiful to behold.

Check out the range of small, large and mature apple trees for sale right here in our fruit tree nursery: Apple Tree

Head over to our helpful blog on Apple Tree Care for a successful planting. 

Apple Tree FAQ

How long does it take for Apple Trees to bear fruit?

Nature Hills Nursery sells fruit trees with mature root systems that are already three to four years old, so you’ll enjoy fruit sooner than you would with younger trees. Barrels of apples

  • Standard apple trees fruit between 6 to 10 years of age.
  • Semi-dwarf rootstock fruit at 4 to 5 years of age.
  • Dwarf fruit trees produce apples as early as 2 to 3 years old.


Do You Need Two Apple Trees to Produce Fruit?

All Malus domestica have different requirements to set fruit. Nature Hills Nursery lists pollinators for each tree on the product pages. This gives you must-have information right at your fingertips.

Some varieties of apple trees are self-fruitful. However, you’ll get a larger crop with another variety that blooms about the same time planted nearby.

  • Self-fruitful: Anna Apple, Gala Apple and Granny Smith apple trees
  • Useful for pollinating many others: McIntosh Apple, Gala Apple and Honeycrisp apple trees
  • Useful for pollinating most apple trees: White-flowering Crabapples, such as the Dolgo Crabapple Tree

No room? Look into High-Density Planting techniques, or choose a semi-dwarf or dwarf fruit tree.

You also need pollinators. Bees, butterflies, and beetles visit your Apple tree blossoms and spread pollen. Or a neighbor with a pollinator works too.


When Should Apple Trees be Planted? Upclose Apples Growing on branches

Apple trees are best planted in autumn when summer’s heat has passed. You can also plant in the early spring with success.

  • Potted fruit trees require about six to eight weeks in the ground before it freezes.
  • Bare root fruit trees only require three to four weeks in the ground before a freeze.


How Do I Find Apple Trees for Sale Near Me?

Make your life easier and your yard happier by shopping for apple trees at our fruit tree nursery. You’ll find a massive selection of fruit trees for sale, including many magnificent apple tree varieties.

  • Find your growing zone by entering your zip code in the field above the Plant Highlights section on our product pages.
  • Narrow down your options by plant hardiness zone, sun availability, and size requirements.
  • Place your order, knowing it’s backed by the Nature Hills Nursery product guarantee and protected by Plant Sentry™. Plant Sentry™ helps ensure regulated plant materials aren’t sent to prohibited areas.
  • Expect to receive your plants at the appropriate planting time for your growing zone when temperatures are safest.



Shop the selection of mature apple trees for sale at Nature Hills Nursery and place your order today.

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