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Don't Miss Out On The Benefits Of Home-Grown Fruit! 

Fruit trees and plants are available in myriad varieties that are sure to add beauty - and taste! - to your home garden. Fruit tree varieties include apple, peach, strawberry, lemon, and others that will reward you with delicious produce every year.

Many fruit tree varieties do best in partial to full sun, and along with providing fruit, are lovely ornamental plants when blooming. These trees also create great shade during warm summer months. Fruit trees typically have gorgeous flower blossoms prior to producing seasonal fruit.

An added benefit to planting any variety of fruit tree is the money you'll save on your grocery bill by growing your own produce. Harvesting your own fruit at home is a great way to involve the entire family in a fun and healthy activity.

Fruit trees will attract wildlife including bees, birds, and other pollinators. Young trees may need to be protected from deer with deterrents, as fruit trees take longer than most to become established.