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Fruit Off the Beaten Path

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Fruit Off the Beaten Path At Nature Hills!

When the usual fruit trees just won't due - You know … Those kinds of fruit that everyone else has? The kind that you typically see in the stores? Sure those are great and all, but you are looking for something - With a flourish?

Then Nature Hills has the fruit plants and trees for you!

New and Unique Fruiting Plants!


Crank the neighbor's necks, slow traffic, and add some shock value with a delicious fruiting perk! Or simply and covertly add food sustainability to your HOA-approved curb appeal with these unique fruiting varieties! Either way, you will expand your family's access to healthy treats, and food availability, and varieties that only look hard to take care of.

Depending on your growing zone, there is a world of fruiting varieties out there that go beyond what you'd typically see in the stores!

Typically these varieties aren't sold in the grocery store because they either won't travel well or bruise easily, but when grown in the backyard and an arm's reach away, they are sure to arrive to the breakfast table unscathed!

Not only pretty when in bloom because these plants have unique flower forms, but many are columnar and small-saving dwarf forms, weeping forms, as well as hybrid forms that handle a wider variety of climates.

These are as healthy for you as they are pretty Edible Landscaping options that blend into the formal front garden as well as mix and mingle among the vegetable garden or orchard!

Caring For Unique and Unusual Fruiting Plants and Trees

orange tree

Most fruiting plants need the power of the full sun to flower and therefore fruit the best. All plants do best in an enriched, well-drained soil environment that has regular access to moisture throughout the growing season.

All plants also appreciate a 3-4 inch deep layer of mulch around their roots to protect and insulate the roots while holding in moisture consistently. As arborist mulch breaks down it further enriches the soil!

Nature Hills lists each plant's particular needs and care requirements in the Plant Highlights section of its page. This includes soil and water, as well as sun and pruning needs! You'll also find harvest times and growing tips and tricks!

Start your search for the perfect unique fruiting plant by entering your Zip Code to find your Hardiness Zone!

Order Unique Fruiting Plants Today!

Nature Hills ships high-quality trees and plants to your doorstep with our first-year plant guarantee and a lifetime of support for you and your new plant! Check out our Garden Blog or reach out to our expert customer service team at any time for support and advice!=

Click the photos to learn more about each of these fantastic plants, or call our plant experts at (402) 934-8116 and join thousands of happy customers!