Easy Bloom Pad Bulbs

Easy Bloom Pad Bulbs

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 Nature Hills offers a long list of Easy Bloom Pad Bulbs for Fall and Spring planting. When you reach this page on our website, be sure to investigate all the beautiful plants. Any of them would be a great addition to your landscape!

Easy Bloom Pads are a patented, biodegradable paper pad containing flower bulbs that will change the way bulbs are planted. Easy Bloom Pads were developed with a new generation of gardeners in mind. These new gardeners want planting to be fast and easy. Easy Bloom Pads will reduce planting time to only 30 seconds per pad, and takes out all the guess work.

The bulbs are pre-spaced and do not need to be adjusted. Simply drop the pad in the hole and enjoy the rest of your day. Easy Bloom Pads are also ideal for containers; perfect for the “Urban Gardening” trend.