Hyacinth Bulbs


Hyacinth Bulbs

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For lovely color and spring fragrance, plant hyacinths where you can enjoy their sweet scent. A hyacinth is a bulbous plant that is related to the lily family. These adorable and easy to grow early to mid-spring flowers are packed with color and a wonderful lingering perfume. For a brilliant show, plant them in clusters around a border, in containers, or in a flower bed. Being a staple of spring, the hyacinth provides outstanding colors, such as, deep indigo, baby blues, pale pinks, white and yellow.

These bulbs need to be planted in the fall before a hard frost. Place the bulbs with pointy ends up in 4 inch holes and 6 inches apart. In colder regions, plant 6 inches deep to keep them safe over winter. They need well drained soil with sun to partial sun. For early flowering indoors, hyacinths can be forced to bloom in containers, but this takes patience! Place in a dark cold area until roots start to develop; this takes about 10 weeks. When the shoots are about an inch tall, transfer pot gradually to more light and heat (not too warm, however); water sparingly. Once they are finished blooming, they can be transplanted outdoors and will recover to bloom again, someday.

Once the hyacinths are finished blooming, cut the stems but allow the leaves to die back naturally. The leaves send food back into the bulb for the next year. For a designer look, group together purple and yellow hyacinths for a gorgeous contrast of color. We have a variety of spring bulbs to choose from so you can start planning your spring garden now!